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The Surprising Reasons Why You Need to Cold Water Plunge – daily.

cold water plunge

Have you ever wondered if voluntarily subjecting yourself to a daily cold water plunge could be good for you? Proponents of cold water therapy say it offers a host of potential health and wellness benefits. But is exposing your body to frigid temperatures truly helpful or simply torturous? Let’s dive in to understand the facts […]

6 Ways To Level Up Your Ice Bath Routine. Challenge Yourself To Maintain Intensity.

level up

Like most new things we start, they tend to fade in importance. Remember that new stair climber you’ve always wanted for your 2024 New Year’s Resolution? The one that was well used for a week, then it was one step closer to a TradeMe listing. Yes, that one! Well, we’ve listed a few options to […]

Are Ice Baths Good For You? Tips from Auckland Athletes and Trainers.

Are Ice baths good for you

Are you looking for a new way to enhance your athletic performance and recovery? I bet you didn’t consider the art of ice bathing! So, are Ice baths good for you? Let’s delve a little deeper and you can decide. Auckland’s top athletes and trainers swear by this practice, which involves immersing yourself in ice-cold […]

Ice Baths For Recovery: An Icy Secret For Injuries.

Ice Baths for Recovery

Regardless of whether you are a professional athlete or fitness enthusiast recovery is an essential component of any training program and while there are various methods to help, ice baths for recovery is one important practice that has gained significant popularity and recognition. Portable Ice Baths are known for their ability to accelerate recovery from […]

Cold Water Therapy. The Science Behind The Benefits

Cold Water Therapy

Ice baths, also known as cold water therapy, or cold water immersion therapy have become increasingly popular as a post-workout recovery and wellness approach. From ancient Greek traditions to modern-day athletes, ice baths have offered numerous health benefits that have only recently started to emerge in the backyards of homes around the world. The practice […]

Ice Baths. Reduce Muscle Soreness, Speed Up Recovery

Ice Baths

Are Ice Baths Good For You? Ice Baths have been known to help support the immune system, build mental resilience, aid in more restful sleep and improve recovery from intense physical activity. How Long Should An Ice Bath Be? The benefits of ice baths start to occur in water that is below 15°C (59°F) and […]