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The Freeze Tub Story

it was a cold winters day...

…where I limped off the football field (again) swearing this is the last season. Too old. Too sore. Too much money is spent on Physiotherapy sessions. As I was driving home I stopped off and grabbed a pack of ice for my right ankle as I planned on soaking it in a bucket. Generally, all I did was put some iced teatowels on any injury I had that week, but it didn’t really seem to target the area effectively.

When I got home, I decided to fill up the bucket in the garage and I soaked my ankle and calf muscle. After about 10 mins, I couldn’t feel anything so thought it was a good time to remove it. 

The following day I got out of bed and not only did my ankle feel great, but my calf wasn’t sore. My left calf however felt like it always did post a football game – sore and stiff as hell. The next week, I thought I’d try ‘full immersion’ in the bathtub. After a few weeks, I felt like I was 20 again.

So from then on 2-3 times a week, every week I was ice bathing it. I slept better, skin cleared up, I didn’t get sick as often but then I saw my $200 water bill and thought ‘Holy Sh**’  –

I guess this is where the thought I might go next level and start Freeze Tub! 

New Zealand’s Premier Original Portable Ice Baths…and now with NZ’s Thickest Thermal Layering.

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Freeze Tub Solo and Pro

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Cold water immersion is gaining popularity as a means to tap into the body’s natural healing abilities. It is being incorporated by various establishments like wellness spas, sports therapists, and high-performance sports facilities.

The therapy improves blood circulation, lowers high blood pressure, and strengthens the immune system. Athletes benefit greatly from cold water therapy, as it enhances cardiovascular circulation, reduces recovery time, and lowers body temperature after intense workouts in hot conditions. It also helps alleviate delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). 

Solid Construction and Thermal Layering

Each Ice Bath has been fully strengthened and reinforced to withstand some harsh treatment. The Freeze Tub Solo has 5 thermal layers and the Freeze Tub Pro is reinforced fiberglass offering superior thermal capabilities.  

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