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The Freeze Tub Story

The Founders story

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Freeze Tubs Founder, Dale is not your typical health guru. He’s the brains behind Freeze Tub, New Zealand’s Original Ice Bath which is revolutionising the way people approach recovery and wellness.

At the core of Dale’s mission lies a deep-seated passion for catalysing positive change in the lives of others.

As a Qualified Nutritionist and former owner of Newlives Nutrition, Dale has worked alongside thousands of individuals over the years including the NZ Fire Service and consulting with the NZ SAS Soldiers.

Through these partnerships, Dale has played a pivotal role in enhancing the health and performance of individuals.

He’s a sought-after speaker, seen on stage at international health events. And when he’s not on stage, you might catch him in the pages of online publications like the Daily Mail, dishing out advice to readers eager to live healthier lives.

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Dale first got a taste of how effective cold therapy was for recovery from playing competitive football, often soaking his legs in the bathtub after a game; but more so in his 20s when he was a Rescue Diver for the New Zealand Dive Rescue Unit.

He’s faced the toughest situations head-on with jumping out of the Westpac Rescue Helicopter, being smashed up against rocks, knocked about with fierce underwater surges, scraped along river beds with fast-moving currents, and navigating zero visibility situations in near-freezing sea conditions.

One thing he recalls is how he felt after cold water rescues was how good he felt!

I would be driving home, teeth still chattering from the cold, but I couldn’t explain that feeling…I just felt incredible’

I put it down to doing something good for someone else perhaps, but I wasn’t sure.

“What I didn’t know at the time, was that your body responds to cold water by up-regulating these feel-good hormones, you get a boost in serotonin and dopamine – these are the feel-good hormones and they stay heightened for up to 6 hours”

Years later, still playing competitive Football, still requiring weekly cold plunges had fuelled the birth of Freeze Tub which has revolutionised recovery methods for athletes and health enthusiasts throughout New Zealand.

Whether you’re a professional athlete looking to get an edge over others, or a weekend warrior who wants to recover fast, soothe those tight sore muscles and get back out on the field a week later, Freeze Tub has you covered.

With their innovative design and commitment to customer satisfaction, it’s no wonder that Freeze Tub is still the highest-rated Ice Bath.

New Zealand’s Premier, Original Portable Ice Baths…and now with NZ’s Thickest Thermal Layering.

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Freeze Tub Solo and Pro

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Cold water immersion is gaining popularity as a means to tap into the body’s natural healing abilities. It is being incorporated by various establishments like wellness spas, sports therapists, and high-performance sports facilities.

The therapy improves blood circulation, lowers high blood pressure, and strengthens the immune system. Athletes benefit greatly from cold water therapy, as it enhances cardiovascular circulation, reduces recovery time, and lowers body temperature after intense workouts in hot conditions. It also helps alleviate delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). 

Solid Construction and Thermal Layering

Each Ice Bath has been fully strengthened and reinforced to withstand some harsh treatment. The Freeze Tub Solo has 5 thermal layers and the Freeze Tub Pro is reinforced fiberglass offering superior thermal capabilities.  

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