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Miranda. K
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Totally a game changer. Love Love Love my Solo!
Michael. W
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30 straight days and my joints feel great and I sleep better. Awesome!
Kyle. P
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As a triathlete, we are constantly taking ice baths to recover. Can't do without my Solo.
Janine. J
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Freeze Tubs are amazing. Easy. Portable and sturdy. Do your research. You'll end up buying the Solo.
Jenny. L
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One of the best investments anyone could make for their well-being. The mental discipline you receive outperforms anything I've ever tried.
Josh. K
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OMG. I honestly would not have thought plunging in freezing cold water would do anything. You have to do it, thank me later.

Freeze Tub: Proud Sponsors of the Wim Hof Breathing Method Training Camp

Johnny. B
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If I could do 10 stars I would. What an easy tool to help reset the mind and body. As a professional athlete, the mental and physical demands are huge. Freeze Tub enables me to recover faster and improve focus and mental agility and it's portable to take with me at track meets. Bloody impressive!!

Talofa. Freeze Tub made its way to Samoa

Freeze Tub review
Freeze Tub Reviews
Freeze Tub Reviews
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