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What to Look for in an Ice Bath.

Most people would think buying an Ice Bath is a relatively simple thing, and of course, it is. But before you venture off into the world of cold water immersion therapy you have to know What to look for in an Ice Bath first.

Who are you buying it from?

You generally get a gut feeling about something right?

Well, generally go with your gut on this. If the marketing of the Ice Bath doesn’t show the construction of the product, that would make me review more information about the company, or start my search over again.

Ice baths need to be durable – it does hold close to 400L water and a shivering human body! So having a cheap dual or triple layer doesn’t really cut it all that much. How do we know? We started off there!

Our first prototype was a triple-layer product but couldn’t bring ourselves to take it to market. The wall bulged when it was full, and the inside was scratchy on our skin. When we had our first plunge in I nearly toppled over, it just didn’t have the circumference to support a body. What we did notice is it came with ‘patches’ to help fix any holes or rips…clearly they are indicating you to pretty quickly that their product is prone to either leaking or ripping, and you want neither with your Ice Bath.

Once I adjusted myself inside the tub, I made it work but I wasn’t comfortable. To make a long story short – we went back to the drawing board. We added a few more thermal layers and increased the width and height.

Adding in the cross-linked pearl cotton with sub-zero technology keeps the water colder for days longer than the tubs we tried with lower-quality wall materials and layering.

What a difference it makes. These bad boys are sturdy and hold up to 120kg and fit a 6’8″ tall person.

You can buy a cheaper brand for about $20-$30 cheaper, but it’s not worth it. We want you to have the best experience so consider Freeze Tub as your personal ice bath brand when it comes to cold water immersion therapy – we guarantee you’ll be happy!

Freeze Tub Layers

Freeze Tub 5-Layer Construction

Where are you buying it from?

If you buy a product from an overseas company, you always run the risk of having issues. Shipping, returns, guarantees, and ghosting. We’ve all been there right!! Freeze Tub is based in Auckland New Zealand and is a part of a bigger group with several other successful health and wellness companies.

Your Freeze Tub leaves Auckland on a courier and gets shipped directly to your door. Shipping tends to take 3-4 days, and on occasion, it might be longer due to some courier companies tend to be short-staffed at times. You will always be notified of any changes by our staff.

If you have any issues with your Freeze Tub, get in contact with us and we’ll put things right! We guarantee our products and our service.


Should I Buy a Thermal Lid?

In short Yes!

Not only does it keep your Freeze Tub Ice Bath colder for longer it also protects it from external elements. You tend not to see the little critters until you’re in the tub, submerged with your chin just above the water. It’s not until then do you see a small weta float on by. Nothing gets you out of the tub faster.

We suggest getting the thermal lids not only for that but also as a protective layer for nosy children too.

Shoot us any questions you have about either Freeze Tub Solo or Freeze Tub Pro.

Happy Plunging my little Penguins!


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