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Wim Hof Breathing

Unlock Your Full Potential with the Wim Hof Method

Who is Wim Hof?

Wim Hof, or as most people know him as ‘The Iceman’, is a Dutch extreme athlete with a propensity for plunging in cold water and a remarkable ability to withstand extreme cold weather temperatures and conditions.

Wim holds several records related to cold exposure. He once climbed to the top of Kilimanjaro – in shorts! Just for kicks, he ran a half marathon above the Arctic Circle, barefoot and just like most people would finish dinner with a drink, Wim finished it off standing in a container of ice for nearly 2 hours.

You could say he is the ‘Go-To’ when it comes to understanding the mind-body connection.


What is the Wim Hof Breathing Method?

Wim Hof has gained popularity worldwide; celebrities, professional athletes and people from all walks of life have adopted his breathing methods and reported positive results.

Ice Baths have been one of the easiest ways to get started with the Hof Method. The Freeze Tub Solo Cold Plunge is guaranteed to be the most insulated product in New Zealand today – boasting nearly 10mm of sub-zero technology within the walls of their Ice bath.

Here are some of the specific benefits you may receive if you follow the Hof Method

  • Reduction in Muscle Soreness: Increased recovery time.
  • Improved Physical Health. Elevated energy levels, lower inflammation and improved sleep.
  • Boosted Immune System. Allows a more robust immune system to be more resistant to illness.
  • Greater Willpower and self-control. Ability to control the body’s response to stress – a priceless result!
wim hof breathing method

Wim Hof’s claims are backed by science: Numerous studies have confirmed the positive effects of the Hof Breathing Methods.

Plunging in cold water on a regular basis not only improves the mind-body connections but helps to:

  • Boost Metabolism: Meaning your body burns more calories, even at rest.
  • Promotes Skin Health: Cold water tightens pores improving appearance.
  • Improve Mental Clarity: Activate the sympathetic nervous system.
  • Willpower: Build mental toughness with today’s challenging situations.
  • Sleep Quality: Regulate body temperature promoting deeper sleep
  • Sense of Euphoria: Release those neurotransmitters and endorphins.
  • Reduce Depression: Help regulate serotonin and dopamine.
  • Improve GI: Improve blood sugar control and insulin sensitivity.


Benefit From Your Own Wim Hof Method Workshop

Why read about the Wim Hof Breathing Method when you can do it right?

Freeze Tub supplies their Ice Baths with one of New Zealand’s leading Wim Hof Breathing Certified Instructors – Nicholas Corliss. Nicholas conducts one-on-one or group workshops detailing step-by-step, the 3 pillars of the Wim Hof Breathing Methods.

  • Breathing Technique
  • Cold Exposure
  • Commitment

Nicholas keeps these workshops to a limited number of people so they do sell out fast. Nick is in New Zealand for a limited time so the links are below if you’re interested to book

Here Are Some Other Techniques for the Wim Hof Breathing Method

Following on from the 3 core pillars of Wim Hof Breathing. Cold exposure plays a crucial role in unlocking a hidden metabolic powerhouse: brown fat.

Brown Fat

Several studies have revealed that brown fat, unlike its white counterpart, actively burns calories to generate heat. This well-known term is called Thermogenesis and it helps to maintain our core temperature in cold exposure environments.

Recent evidence has shown that mild exposure, such as spending a week at 15 degrees Celsius can activate brown fat. However, as we get older we tend to lose brown fat faster than when we were babies. Babies have a higher percentage of brown fat, while young adults typically have around 20%.

Stress Management

We get it. Life can, at times, be hard. We wake up in the morning and smash into a sugary-stimulant; we tend to call this, coffee. Eat some cereal quickly which often will have 5 to 8 times the sugar, colours, additives, and modified and artificial ingredients that similar cereals our grandparents ate. Then we rush into work and stay in the fight/flight response for most of the day.

The Wim Hof Breathing Method allows you to have the tools to stay in control over your thoughts and actions which may have led you to increased stress levels.

These types of techniques that Nicholas takes you through will help alter your behaviour to these responses and to manage your day better – accepting you can’t necessarily change everything that you come across.

Benefits of Cold Water Immersion / Cold Water Therapy

Enhanced Circulation.

Our hearts work tirelessly to pump blood throughout our bodies, delivering vital nutrients and oxygen to every cell of our body. When this essential process, known as cardiovascular circulation, falters, the consequences can be far-reaching. Poor circulation can put pressure on the heart, which then could lead to headaches, migraines, fatigue and muscle cramps, even high blood pressure and heart attacks.

Cold Water Immersion works to improve heart health. Plunging in cold water regularly, 4 to 6 times per week triggers a cascade of beneficial physiological responses that directly impact your circulation.

  • Blood Vessel Constriction: Initially, cold water causes blood vessels near the skin to constrict. This ten redirects the blood flow to the core organs, including the heart, ensuring they receive the essential oxygen and nutrients they need to function optimally.
  • Blood Vessel Dilation: After the initial constriction, a rebound dilation occurs, increasing blood flow throughout the body. This improved circulation delivers vital nutrients and oxygen to muscles and tissues, supporting overall health and recovery.
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