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Picture this: you’re ready to take the plunge into icy bliss, but your nerves start to tingle as you imagine the chilly waters surrounding you. Fear not, brave soul! We have just the solution to turn your shivering into quivering… with laughter! Introducing our one-of-a-kind Yellow Emotional Support Ducks! Not only do these ducks provide emotional support, but they’re also highly trained in the art of comedic relief. They’ll cheer you on with their quacktastic motivational phrases like, “You’ve got this, quacker!” and “Chill like a champion!” Jokes – they don’t talk, they’re the silent type.

Size: 8cm x 5cm

Lid Options


320L Capacity


Easy clean






Drainage system


Introducing the coolest combo in the history of icy remedies: the ultimate Ice Bath experience now comes with an adorable twist!
Picture this: you’re about to brave the cold waters of your ice bath, shivering with excitement, but a tad nervous, perhaps? Fear not, for we’ve got the feathered experts in comfort by your side – behold, our Yellow Emotional Support Ducks! These little champions of warmth and encouragement will waddle into your life, quacking away all your freezing fears. They have mastered the art of emotional buoyancy, and their cuteness is scientifically proven to melt away stress! Worried about the initial shock of the icy plunge? Fret not, for these quacky companions will paddle right beside you, providing endless moral support in every splash.


Boosted Energy

Stronger Immune

Improved Mood

Improved Health

Build Resilience

Deeper Sleep


Dale F.

April 10, 2023


Love cold water immersion. After the initial rush, your body gets used to it and you’ll notice the difference in how your body feels and reacts.

Emily F.

April 22, 2023


We mostly use Ice Baths after netball games, and training. Wouldn’t go without, helps maintain a level of recovery way faster than stretching does.

Fiona J.

May 12, 2023

Having always been a total wuss when it comes to the cold, I was pretty skeptical about the idea of jumping into a container of icy water. However, ever since my first 3 min in my Ice Tub, I’m now a convert and feel the positive effects for several days afterward. I’m definitely energised, I sleep better and notice faster recovery from my day hikes.

Peter K.

June 15, 2023


I’m mostly gym based. I train 5-6 days a week, I’m constantly sore, I use supplements to recover but ice baths have been by far, the most noticable change. I can work the same muscle group 3 times per week, vs. 1 or at a push 2 without the Ice bath. Love Freeze Tub.